Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Need Help Am I Safe?

Me and two of my friends have always wanted to do a Ouija board. So today we did it multiple times and the first few times we ended it by just moving the bottle top to goodbye our selves and then flipping the Ouija board over.

Then after I wasn't sure if we ended it properly so I searched it up, it said that you have to end it like "I want to go now, thank you for you time and I wish you peace" so we did that and it moved automatically to the goodbye sign. So we did that.

By the way the conversations were friendly and when it started getting bad we ended it. We have stopped now scared that its going to haunt us.

I am baptized but my two friends aren't.

After that I prayed this "by the name of god and Jesus I am protected by all their will and no evil spirits or demons can harm me in any way, amen."

No paranormal things have happened but I am scared that soon it will happen... Am I safe?

Bec Gold


  1. If you ended the sessions correctly then you and your friends should be perfectly safe.

  2. You're totally fine, you moved the piece to goodbye and you weren't disrespectful so you didn't let anything out. (-:

  3. I'm not sure if i'll be doing that...

  4. well if your a child of the lord and you believe that he will protect you. then no harm can come to you. but for your friends, i would pray for there safety. ask the lord to protect them with his full armor.

  5. Not sure the lord approves of this kind of activity tho

  6. I have never played so I don't know if what am saying is right but from I have read if you where polite and respectful and then you ended it by saying "goodbye" then you should be fine if you are really worried you can always look it up on the internet there special sites made by people who know what they are doing when it comes to Ouija boards
    hope this helps

  7. The door never closes unless you have your home (or where ever you played it blessed)
    I wrote a much mor in depth explaination somewhere on this website. But trust me. I played a Ouija board before. Those things aren't worth even the deepest fascination in the paranormal. There can be irreversable concequences. You should never go near it ever again. Your friends are more at risk than you, however. Whoever has the weakest spirit/will at the time that you play it is the most at risk.
    But trust me, stay away from that b.s.
    It's never worth it

  8. First off, like someone has already said, the Lord -probably- wouldn't want you using something that's been reputed to communicate with the spirits/demons in the first place...
    Secondly, what's with all the concern solely for yourself deal? YOU'VE been baptized. Great! But as you so adamantly pointed out, both your friends aren't. As if that fact gives you solace that if anyone was going to suffer from the hands of a dreaded ghost or what have you, it would be your "friends", not you.
    Thirdly, if I was a ghost/demon, I would go with the weakest link within the group. Which, I would suspect, would be you, since you seem the most scared.

    So here's what I would do: be brave, not only for yourself, but for the protection of your friends, too. Belief can be everything. If you truly believe that something is haunting you, then truly believe that your Lord will cast the spirit away.
    Problem solved. After all, if you REALLY believe in the Lord, then there is nothing to fear, yes?

  9. I recently used the wigi board for a couple of weeks now and weird stuff has been happening to me i went to the park to go play it with my friend it was around 9 or 10 at night and this guy who came out of no where he was circling the field 5 or 6 times around while glaring at me then continuing to circle some more almost as if he was going to charge me then we decided to leave right when i was about to leave i hear in the distance a evil menacing laughter as if it was in the middle of the field but nobody and i swear no one was over there i got freaked out hearing the laugh sunk in my ears feeling uneasy the whole time while i was there like somebody was watching me what do i do i am scared for my life am i in danger?



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