Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ouija Oracle Moving Really Fast In Infinity Symbol

So when I was 13, I had a Ouija board and decided to bring it to my friends house. We asked it questions, talked to our dead family members and animals (dumb, I know) but it was fun to do at the time.

We asked who we were talking to and it spelled out, "Trace" (I've never met a Trace and to do this day, I still haven't) we were talking to him, he was saying he's our age, he told us how he died (fire), we asked what he looked like and all that stuff.

A couple days later, we played it again and I left the room for a minute and my friends said, "Trace wants to talk to you" I was so confused but he was talking to me saying I was pretty, (weird) and that he wants to be more than friends... I found that really strange and I said I want nothing to do with him anymore. He didn't like that, by the way the oracle was moving really fast in an infinity symbol.

When I was 16, I played it for the first time since then, with a different group of people, while we were playing, we had another conversation going on just between me and my few friends about my current boyfriend (Ouija board was there but we weren't asking it questions) two of my friends had their fingers on the oracle and it started moving to spell out "won't be there for long" they asked who and it spelled out my boyfriends name.

I put my fingers on and asked who that was and it said "I'm back" I started freaking out so fast and everyone asked who.

I pulled one friend out of the room and told her the boys name. We went back in and a different person asked who it was (they had no clue, since I only told one person) it spelled out "Trace."



  1. It was moving in an infinite symbol because it wanted to get out of the board and go in your portal thingy... :/

  2. I want 2 buy a board like that but I'm still young and 2 scared 2 try unless my friends are with me...

  3. this seems so scary Id like to try it but I'm way too scared.

  4. is your boyfriend ok is he still alive

  5. oh my gawd thats so creepy... is ur boyfriend ok???

  6. i have read that the movement in the shape of infinite or as some people say '8' indicates demons n wanting to come out of the board... i dont know how far its true but this is what i have come across

  7. I had the fast figure 8 thing happen to me too.. Was super scary we stopped playing it after that

  8. Figure 8s is a Demon trying to open a portal. Ive seen bad spirits/demons get attached to a home or person that have described this happening in their Ouija sessions. You should command it to stop, end the session and go to goodbye.



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