Friday, October 24, 2014

Has Anyone Else Came Across A Demon PA0?

Okay so me and my sister were bored, we decided to use a Ouija board. At first nothing happened we were about to give up, we moved the board in circles the said Ouija are you there? We were using a shot glass and it started to move very slowly, well then we asked it what our names were, it spelled out my sisters name, soon it started to move very quickly to the letters.

We asked it what its name was, it said pa0, and I asked so its P-A- Zero? And it moved to yes. We then asked if it was a good spirit it quickly moved to no, so we asked if it was bad and it moved to yes. We then asked if it wanted to hurt us it moved to no. We were asking it questions.

We asked where it came from it said HELL And we said how'd you die? It said it killed itself. We asked why, it said prostitute.

We were then really scared, we closed the board and said goodbye, we came back like an hour later, and we barely put our fingers on the board, and it quickly moved to hello, without asking any questions. We asked how many spirits were in the room it said 2. I asked it who it was, it said pa0.
Well then I asked why it was a demon, and it said "Because I like to kill little girls" And we asked why, it said because they're sluts. I asked if my sister (She was using the board as well) if she was a slut, it said no. I asked if I was a slut and it said yes. I laughed and said why? It said because im not a virgin.
The shot glass moved really fast, some things we didn't catch what it was saying. We asked if we could close the board and it be happy? It moved to no, we asked why, it spelt out because I am not done with you guys. We quickly moved the shot glass to goodbye and we closed the board.
We just did this and posted on here, but were scared, and we wanna know has anyone else came across this demon pa0?



  1. you should do it again.. and end with goodbye properly.

  2. Yes PA zero is a demon whom only haunts those whom challenge the board trying to escape into a individual whom it had chosen which is one of the players only when an individual is considered taken by the soul may it rest and the soul will be trapped within the board so one of you maybe be PA0

  3. Pa0 sounds horrific

  4. Kinda bullshit, two spirits yet one was speaking?

  5. Several red flags we raised and you guys just decided to continue? Really? You guys were looking for trouble and found it.

  6. This is what happens when you go searching for trouble

    1. U dont have to be so mean.

    2. I agree. I'm really sorry to hear this. I once a and ouija board experience (which i'm not going to share and I'm now so scared haha. So please keep safe, you were very wise to say goodbye Xo

  7. It was pathetic please stop that my auntie was possessed by one she was only 13

  8. If you knew it was a demon, (which you did not explain it was) why would you continue to talk with it? In that situation you should tell that demon he is not allowed to contact you no further saying this with stern and bravery in your heart and voice. If he continues to try and talk tell him goodbye and that you will not communicate with it and for him to leave you be, because your soul belongs with God. Good luck.

  9. If it was something demonic you definitely shouldn't attempt to make contact with it again assuming it doesn't like you, I'd leave it alone in case something else starts to happen if you attempt to make contact again.



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