Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Kind Young Ouija Spirit Named Sam

I am fully aware of how dangerous the Ouija board is, and have seen this danger first hand. I do not recommend anyone dabble in other worldly affairs.

I was lucky enough to meet, what I firmly believe to be, a kind spirit. It all started with my brothers girlfriend Kelly who had a board and I being very interested in the paranormal asked to go out with them.

That night there was 5 of us, and we had gone to a cemetery and gotten creepy spirits so we decided to leave and we ended up in a neighborhood park behind a pool. Upon asking if anyone was there, the board spelled H-E-L-L-O. We talked to him for a few hours so I'll share the things I remember.

He said his name was Sam, and that he was in purgatory. When we asked him how he died he said by water, and that he was killed - we were correct to assume drowning. We asked him who he was sitting next to and he spelled H-N-B, which are my initials. I didn't feel scared though, I kind of laughed and looked around and noticed that the candle near me was burning quicker than any of the rest.
Anyway, whenever there was a lull in our interrogation Sam would spell out Jesus Is Key. Over and over. He said things such as gods gates and how all the spirits around him were terrifying or evil. He didn't mind when we tried to finish his sentences for him, which some people say not to do in case of upsetting the spirit.

Also, one of the girls in our group asked him to move a swing and he said O-K but I quickly told them that was a bad idea, because you aren't supposed to ask spirits to manifest and manipulate objects - I had read. The board then went to No, and we asked if it was because I didn't want him to and he went to Yes.

Things were going fine until he became incredibly frantic, he spelled out B-A-D-M-A-N-H-E-R-E and went directly to Goodbye. That's a very unsettling thing to have happen, but we were all giddy and calm. (Upon returning to Sam he said he made us feel that way so we wouldn't be scared.)

As we left, a cop passed by us. Who is to say if the bad man was the cop that would have resulted in trouble due to the obvious trespassing or if it was something supernatural.

We returned to Sam one or two more times but he had told us that gods gates were opening to him. This experience really made me question my religious beliefs, or lack there of. Other minor things happened but this is the majority of my experience with a pleasant young spirit.

Paul Branham


  1. Please realise that there are no, I repeat, no good ouija spirits. This is confirmed by God's words in the bible. They sometimes act nice to win you confidence. ensure you addiction and to encourage you to dabble in the occult at the risk of your soul's salvation. The devil is no fool and is a master manipulator.

    1. If its not good for the living to talk to the spirits is it also bad for the spirits to be talking to the living......why is doesn't the bible be more specific with the living and dead rules and laws or whatever its called

  2. Maybe the two were never meant to coexist and God never planned for us to get our hands on something such as the Ouija board

  3. I personally believe that you can in fact meet good spirits. I have gotten an angle once and a demon.... But the one that takes the cake is when I got my grandmother she had recently died and I know that they can read your mind (I must sound like a crazy person huh?) but I asked questions only she would know then asked people around me after the sessions and it was always correct.... So yes that's why I believe that you can get good spirits

  4. Sorry but I have to burst your bubble. There are no such thing as ghosts (not as we are taught ) They are in fact demons. When we die we lose all of our freedom of choice and go straight to Hell unless we are saved! An invisible being that has been around for thousands of years watching our parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc.... can tell you things that "no one else knows". I do believe that when a loved one who was saved dies they have a short amount of time that they can visit you and say "good-bye" But the unsaved are incarcerated and dragged straight to Hell! Ever notice that on the Ghost shows they always say the same things? "There is a spirit here. The spirit of a little girl who is looking for her ball! or her mommy" Then they always say "There is a bad spirit here that is keeping them trapped!" I'm not saying that the medium's are fake but why would a demon tell the truth? They lie all the time and try to deceive anyone that they can. Mediums can see or hear or sense but they aren't immune to lies! Hollywood has really been the devil's best PR man! They want us to believe that demons are so powerful and evil that there is no way that they could ever be mistaken for an innocent little girl's ghost! The little girl went to heaven when she died and they are talking and messing with a demon.



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