Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ouija Board Kat

Just like the usual stories, it was a sleepover party. I decided to buy my friend one of those cheap cardboard Ouija boards from Toys-R-Us, obviously with the mindset that it would fail to work.

We did it about 10 times inside of my friends house, and nothing happened. It never worked. Later, at about 2 AM, we went outside to do it, thinking there would be a better chance since there were more houses around.

The first time, the planchette just kept moving in a circle, and we asked if any spirits were present. It shot to yes, almost instantly, which at first I thought was odd, because I heard it supposed to take a little while. Anyway, we continue to ask questions and this spirit claims its name is "Kat" we have a friend named Catherine who was playing the game, and she used to go by Cat so we continued asking questions. She said she was 12 years old and she died in 1993. She claimed to be some sort of guardian angel. My friend was genuinely scared so we stopped the session.

Then, me, and two other friends (neither of them were Catherine) played again. This time it said its name was "Kart". We asked for an age, and it said 17. She said she was a girl and an angel. She said that she has not died nor been born.

We asked if she knew any of us, and she said yes. We asked who. This is when it got really creepy. She spelled out my own name. I took my fingers off the planchette as it continued to spell out my name. We asked how, she said "Game", we asked what her purpose was and she said "Game". She refused to let us leave. She said heaven was nice and that she was with her friends laughing at us. The fact that she kept saying game started to scare us, and we ended the session on our own. I refused to play anymore. Other girls tried some more sessions and nothing worked.

Later, 4 different girls did it (Catherine decided to play again) It took a very long time to work, but it started answering questions. This time, it was a girl who claimed to have commit suicide in 2013, and claimed she was 19 years old. This time, answers came very slowly. She said she went to MHS, and then said MHS was Mason, in Ohio. I looked up the school and its a real place. She said that she shot herself, and that she had a boyfriend named Jay.

Suddenly, as we were playing and freezing, a random all white cat shows up in the street and looks at us. It starts walking up to us and we get a little creeped out, considering that we hadn't seen the cat before. They asked if she was the cat and it spelled out "Kat". This is when we were very scared. The spirit continued to ask for life and asked to kill. It got really scary and they exited the session. We left it alone after that.

Not sure if its real or not, but it was a very scary experience and I don't recommend messing with these.



  1. Never, I repeat NEVER, take your finger off the planchette in a middle of the session. The reason it said "Game" was to put your fingers back. If you take your fingers off it, it means a spirit can escape.

  2. Omg, it's probably just a coincidence or whaa but I'm reading this on my phone and listening to spotify radio. Anyway, as soon as I saw the name "Kat" ...the song "Crazy" by Kat Dahlia started playing, it played after maybe less than 10 seconds. I'm serious! It creeped me the f out! No lie!

  3. no offense but it sounds more like a demon as i hav read that angels dont contact through ouija... its jus spirits n demons

    1. That's actually not true... Angels can easily contact you from a Ouija board. There just harder to get because the demons want to get there first probably. They say to contact a good spirit or angel you need to put a yen cent or silver coin on the board to contact them. Personally I haven't tried but I have contacted an angel before. So it is true...

  4. Never, EVER communicate w a sport it who claims to be 0 years of age, never been born, never died, or never had lived. It can only mean that it is a demon you've contacted.



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