Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Want Answers About The Ouija

I will start with I do believe in a higher power but not sure if I believe in ghosts.

A while ago my friends started using a Ouija board that they made them selves and followed the instructions on how to do it right. Well I joined them one night after saying the board was being weird and scaring them. This night I wanted them to push it more since I did not believe.

After a while a spirit seemed to be getting angry at my "lack of respect" and started to threaten us. After a while of trying to make it leave it seemed to vanish just then we looked over and saw our friend was writing very fast and backwards and upside down the same five numbers over and over about a hundred times until I took away the note book and with out a second of thought she started to scratch it in to the desk the notebook was on. Everyone tried to stop her and take the pen nothing stopped her until finally I touched her arm and she suddenly stopped and ask what was going on and where she was. She did not remember what happened and I don't know why me touching her stopped it.

After that I went to a friends house who also seemed to believe in ghosts strongly and claimed she was going crazy because every night she saw and heard weird images of people who where hung on the land he house is on in the 1800s. And of course the night I went there was the first night in a long time nothing happened and after I left nothing seemed to happen again.

I am just wondering what people who know more then me about this think and could shed some light for me thanks .



  1. I believe your friend was possessed.

  2. Maybe the spirit went into you when you touched her

    1. If the narrator was being possessed then s/he would've said that s/he felt something or whatever and didn't remember what happened, just like the friend.

  3. Or you could be a conductor. I myself have some gifts. I was always skeptical of spirits but as I grew up I realized what I can do. To this day it is still a little odd to me. But some people have it naturally. You may be able to eradicate bad simply by letting yourself into the room. I have to hold a persons hand to do so. Look into it more to find out about conduction and good luck



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