Monday, June 1, 2015

Ouija Spirit Needed Help From Hell

May 28, 2015

At first it was this kid named Ben, he was 17 years old and he need help because he was in hell. And he hurt is head. And then we said bye to get the other people in class to come see it.

When we started talking to it again it wasn't Ben but a girl named Abby, and she was 16 years old and we asked how she died and she said Ben killed her. And then he killed himself. And she said he was in hell and he needed help. We asked why he killed her and she spelled crazy and we asked why he was crazy and she said crazy in love. We asked if they were the ones banging on the wall and she said yes And my friends hand got really cold so we asked if Abby was talking through my friend and she said yes. And we asked why and she said because she looked like her. Like that's some freaky shit right there. And then we asked if we could talk to Ben again and she said no. And we asked if we were talking to Ben before and she said no. So we asked who we were talking to and she spelled demon and that's when we ended it.

May 29, 2015

We went back in the closet to use the board, we asked if someone was there, yes. We asked it they were from the sun or moon, sun. We asked if it was Abby, yes. We asked if she was with Ben, no. Where was Ben? In hell. We said goodbye. She was pushing the pointer very aggressive. Like it was a bad energy. We ran out of the room, I shut the closet door and it automatically locks whenever you shut it.

Then we walked through the locker room, we shut the door behind us then too. That door isn't suppose to lock. But when we went back to go in the room, the door was locked. When we unlocked the door, the room was freezing and you could feel the energy. We were all shaking but we went back in. And we didn't shut the door all the way but we asked if someone was there, yes. We asked if it was Abby, no. So we asked who it was, and he answered Denis. We asked if he knew Abby, yes. He loved her. And Ben was his brother, Ben is 17. And he was born in 1901. And we asked if bens last name is Kaplar and Denis said yes. And whenever we googled Ben Kaplar, he was born in 1901.

We asked where they were from and he said he couldn't remember. We asked what Steel center was before it was a school, and he answered farm. And we asked how he died and he spelled out tractor. And we asked if he was killed in a tractor accident and he said yes. Denis is 25 years old. The pointer started to move fast again.



  1. I loved it im so into it thanks for posting this what happend next?

    1. I know right make write more these!!!!!!!'!

  2. Lol someone else is actually reading this aside from myself?

  3. U SHiuld burn the bosrd snd realesdethe spirit

  4. Is these real I'm not a believer. But know I do I believe that sprites might not go to heaven or hell .But again is these real I would love it to be real

  5. I googled Ben Kaplar, and it said he was born in 1901, as you said. But, he was 39 when he died. Not 17. He also had a wife and children.

  6. i know i googed it too but it didn't say he died all it said was that it was the 1940 census which a census is something the goverment does every 10 years it was more beneficial before computers because they could gather how many people were in a household size of each state or county things like that... they used to have people go door to door every 10 years to do it... it's a lot easier to do now with computers and things though



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