Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nemo Ouija Board Entity

A few friends and I, around age 15—at the tail of our freshman year, decided one night during a sleepover that we’d attempt to use a Ouija and communicate with entities in or around the host’s house. We established a connection and were receiving solid answers—no gibberish or scrambling of the letters. We asked the entity for its name—Nemo, Latin for no one. The lights flickered at this, so, in haste, we said goodbye and it drug the makeshift shot glass Planchette to goodbye in response, and the session was closed without a concern.

The host family lived in a double-sided house, and they owned both sides after purchasing the other when it was put on sale. This newly purchased side had always felt… alive—as if something, an energy or a spirit, was… lurking in it. It made my skin crawl every time we went over there.

We thought that would be the better side for spirit contact, so we hoisted ourselves up off the bedroom floor on the non-paranormal side and grabbed our paper Ouija and our shot glass Planchette and marched over to the spookier side of the Duplex.

This was a mistake.

We laid everything out and summoned exactly as we should. We were careful. We knew the signs of negative activity, how to banish, how to call upon the peaceful dead. We thought we knew what we were doing.

We thought.

We held our second session and even as we were laying the Ouija out I felt a harsh chill creep up my spine. I shrugged it off and the communication began.

I was doing the talking, and there were two other girls lightly touching the Planchette to transfer their energies while the fourth documented answers

We asked our entity, which we got an answer in record time, for a name.

Nemo. Nemo was back.

The lights never flickered, so we continued our conversation with Nemo.

The entity said it had a message for all four of us, so we, naturally, asked what. Nemo spelled out the name of one of the hosts’ parents.

At first we were extremely confused. We asked Nemo more questions, which I can’t exactly remember, but Nemo refused to respond even though we had not closed the session. We said goodbye, but instead of moving the Planchette, Nemo sent a vibration up my leg—it felt as if my phone were receiving a call. But it was not. My leg was bare. Nemo left communication with the Ouija to physically interact with me. We force quit the Ouija, and not a second later the parent whose name Nemo spelled out walked into the room, so we shoved the makeshift board under a chair to conceal it.

This was our biggest mistake.

We went for a casual walk around town for a few hours, and the board under the chair completely slipped our minds.

When we eventually found it, the thing was bent—permanently damaged.

The lights flickered for a mere second. The host family’s dog began barking at nothingness. The room, which was originally sweltering hot, was overcome by frigidness. The vibration returned to my whole person, and one of my friends began convulsing, saying she felt a tingly sensation up her back just before.

We blessed the house many times over—sage, salt, Holy Water, and this Guardian Angel Spray. Anything we could get our paws on.

We thought we were safe.

But when we woke up, we noticed mysterious bruises and lacerations we had not fallen asleep with.

Nothing’s happened since, but we all adamantly refuse to go to the other side of the house ever again.


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