Monday, June 8, 2015

A Positive First Ouija Experience

I have been interested in the phenomena surrounding talking boards for quite a while this year, and obviously enough to try it myself. However, my main influence to try was to contact my spirit guide, in hopes to obtain a lot of guidance in which I may use to positively inspire the world around me. I have no interest in "playing" with these, as I already know the severity in dabbling in such affairs. I know people who have had bad experiences, and still suffer from them.

So, I honestly use the term "talking board" instead of "Ouija"; Ouija more so refers to the trademark classic board we all recognize, and have come to associate with negativity. I will state here that you get exactly from a talking board what you put into it.
The big mistake everyone makes, is not reciting any sort of prayer, or using any sort of protection, both things I did before using.

The particular talking board I used was the "Psychic Circle", and it's a lot more detailed than your average Ouija. It contains all alphanumeric characters, as well as the 4 cardinal directions, the 12 zodiac signs, all planetary glyphs (North & South Nodes as well), picture symbols, a wheel of colors, the four elements represented in the corners, and also a ring of words like "Far, Close" and other simple words to speed and better communication.

For the actual session, it was pretty interesting.

I asked specifically for my spirit guide, or any spirit associated with the greatest and highest good. The planchette IMMEDIATELY moved to "HELLO" (also spelled out on the board).

Now, these tools DO work. To describe it, it feels as if the planchette is a magnet or magnetized, and you can feel it being "tugged" as if something is moving a magnet under the planchette.

The spirit used the North symbol a lot for "YES" (the board comes with a manual, and lists that as a possibility). I feel I should've thoroughly written my questions out, because my excitement made me less coherent, and somewhat shortened the session and the connection.

One point, I asked if the spirit had any advice for me.


It also moved to the Capricorn picture; I took it to mean the spirit didn't want me to be to harsh on how I was internalizing how I thought I was pushing down too hard on the planchette/other things relatable to trademarks in Capricorn, relative to my actions.

It also hinted that I should close the session by moving the planchette to the word "CLOSE" (we may have been getting out of sync, using the board alone worked just fine and I'm not possessed, but it isn't as strong an energy as more than one person I assume.)

I bid the spirit farewell, and moved to "GOODBYE" to close the session.
afterwards I said another closing prayer.

Ultimately, my session was honestly the most rewarded I've ever felt in my life. I felt NO ill during it, just amazement and wonder. It's amazing to officially have experienced the forces on the other side that are willing to lend us a hand, as we lend an ear.

Evander Miles

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