Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ouija Board In An Abandoned Warehouse

This might be long, but I need help and advice.

So me and two other friends went to an abandoned warehouse to try a Ouija board. It had loads of weird stuff in it such as smashed grandfather clocks and tables with straps on. It was about 9pm and we had gathered around the board surrounded by about 10 candles.

We started off by asking the usual questions. This is how it went.
Me- is there any spirits here tonight
The air went cold and the planchette immediately went to yes.
Olivia- are you good or bad
Board- very bad
Jack- who are you? What is your name?
Board- guess
Jack- satan is that you?
We all laughed
Board- don't laugh or else
Olivia- or else what
Board- you'll see
Me- how did you die
Board- I was never living
Me- so are you like a demon *laughing*
Board- the worst one
Jack- what is your name?
board- Abaddon
Me- what sort of a name is that
Board- I am the king
Jack- no you're not
Board- of demons
Me-well Abaddon, if you are so powerful show yourself
All of a sudden jack screamed and we all just ran for our lives, his scream scared the hell out of us. When we got my house he was like " I saw a tall shadowy man figure behind you"
We all were so scared.
We searched Abaddon and found this:

Abaddon is also known as Apollyon
Rank: Prince of War
Abaddon is an adviser. He is Lord of the Abyss and King of the Demons.
“He is quite large, I would say at least 8 ft tall. He is stocky, wears a type of battle garb. He is dark looking with a dark complexion, eyes, and hair, along with a mustache.”

That night I woke up at exactly 2:06 am after having a nightmare that I was being chased and that a stranger was grabbing me and controlling my mind. I sat up and looked out the window and saw the warehouse. I forgot the Ouija board there! But I looked at the warehouse and saw a dark shadow around the building and all of a sudden I felt a gust of cold wind when my window wasn't even open. I laid back down scared when all of a sudden I couldn't breathe and it felt like I was being pushed down on the bed, I tried screaming but nothing came out, last thing I remember was waking up the next morning in the kitchen.

Things like that are constantly happening and I keep hearing whispers, knocks and footsteps and the house is freezing and smells very bad, I tried getting a priest but I'm atheist so they wouldn't come.

I keep waking up in random rooms and my friend said when she went back to pick her board up with her parents that the planchette was on the number 8 however when we ran I threw it on the ground. Does anyone know what any of this means and can anyone help because I'm started to get worried. Please I need advice on what to do?



  1. You forgot to say goodbye to the board/closing the session and if you do not say goodbye, the spirit is free to roam

  2. You need to say goodbye!!!! /close the session!!! That's the most important thing with boards. You MUST always say goodbye because if you do not, the spirit is free to do as it pleases

  3. I heard when the planchette does fugue 8's, it means somethings trying to get out

    1. Yah I heard that too

    2. Yes that's true.

  4. Sounds like you are possessed. Maybe go to a church. bath in holy water and pray to god to help you.


  6. You forgot to say goodbye! You always must say goodbye if you do not there will be a portal opened to demons and if may channel a poltergeist which is one thing you do not want to happen. I suggest bringing all the people that were there and saying goodbye if the demon says no keep trying :)

  7. You said you woke up at 2:06 well 2+6=8 which is the number the planchette was on

  8. to be honest, as soon as it claimed to be a bad spirit, you should've said goodbye. not to be a jerk but you received fair warning.

    you're going to have to use the board again to close the session, but if you're truly dealing with Abaddon, it may not be so easy.
    On Earth, nothing, not even spirits, are allowed to go against our own free will. you're going to have to demand Abaddon to leave, FIRMLY, in three times (ask it three times each time you ask it. if it doesn't work the first time, ask three more times; spirits work in in three's).

    If closing won't work, destroy the board by placing it IN A BODY OF WATER (don't burn it). say a prayer over the water.
    bless your home.
    imagine it within white light.

    Best of luck!

  9. You should close the session asap the longer the session is open the stronger the entity gets. You should also get your house blessed. Any one reading this please dont take this as a joke you are at risk .

  10. You need to say goodbye asap the longer the session is open the stronger the entity gets and you should also bless your house. P.S spirits are not a joke they are a serious matter and you can get injured or die from messing with them

  11. You should close the session asap the longer the session is open the stronger the entity gets. You should also get your house blessed. Any one reading this please dont take this as a joke you are at risk .

    1. Why am I at risk ?

    2. If you're waking up in rooms you were never in when you went to sleep, the entity can take possession of you no matter what. If you want to test it out you could record yourself sleeping, although most entities don't like that. What you should do is say goodbye, close the door connecting the two realms (the living and the spirit), burn the board, and wear a item of protection from any harmful spirits.

  12. First of all, your an atheist so you should start believing in god. If demons are real, then shouldn't god be??? I believe that's why you attracted the worst possible thing you could !!!!!!

  13. Creepy... This one scared the heck out of me!

  14. Say in name of Jesus and it will flee

    1. sure it will work on such a powerful demon?

  15. A figure 8 being shown on the board can be a sign that the entity is trying to get out and you should end the session straight away. I'm not sure of the significance of finding the pointer on the number 8 though. Also, you did not say "goodbye" to the entity so it is still free and all the while it is free it will get stronger and could hurt you. If I was you I would get the same people together and rehold the session telling it goodbye. Good luck.

  16. That sounds like a you problem

    1. Lmao your comment made me not frightened anymore :D

  17. You have opened up a doorway for entities to come through. Saying goodbye will not close the door. Contact a demonologist as well as a medium who are professional, and have experience with these things. I understand that you do not believe in God, but it ultimately takes holy power to defeat demons. In the meantime, pray to St. Michael the Archangel to defend you in this battle. St. Michael is the Archangel who sent Satan and other demons to hell. Good luck. And be cautious, other actions could cause the activity to get much worse

  18. Yes, indeed!!

    You have opened the doorway to a realm that is beyond human imagination and understanding. That realm is Hell. You are right. Abbadon is the destroyer and not a good spirit at all!! He does not wish you, me or anyone else in this universe well at all!! Abbadon rebelled against his creator, Jesus Christ.

    While I respect your atheism, you have been given unadulterated proof that the spiritual realm exists. Perhaps this would be a good time to acquaint yourself with God. God desires nothing but the best for your life, while Lucifer and Abbadon desire the worst for your life. The only thing worse than Abbadon is Lucifer himself.

    Please do not take this as a joke or a game. Lucifer does not play games nor does he joke around. These demons from Hell are in the soul destroying business. You are in open season for Abbadon due to you not having the protection of the Holy Spirit. To defeat Abbadon, confront him with the name of Jesus Christ. Lucifer and his demons must flee at the name of Christ.

    I will definitely pray for you and pray that Abbadon and the rest of them leave you in peace.

    God Bless you!!

    Catch you on the web!!

    Steve Timm

  19. If i was you i will say goodbye because if you dont the spirit will be free and he will get stronger you sould hurt your house say a pray but do not burn the board he will get stronger i dont accualy know whats 8 mean .The ouija board have rules make sure that you didnt break the rules good luck with that.
    Maryam saade is my name if you hade any problemes just contact me on Facebook

  20. It is too late to day goodbye. You need the will of God to get ride of this demon. You need to go to an exorcist the will understand and help you. You and your friends are in danger. It will not stop until it kills you and taken your soul. It will stop at nothing to get what it wants and it does not care who gets in its way. You must do everything you can. I can not stress this enough

  21. They already told you , say goodbye! Also, perhaps try to find a medium who will help you! I am not athiest, but I am satanist, but even though, I make sure there is a cross in my house (though not in the room I play the board)
    My sister was being messed with by a spirit in our house and he was making her sick to the point she was hurling in a bucket, a pounding headache, dizzyness, and exhaustion, and we figured it was the spirit we were talking to on the board so we said goodbye but it still didn't stop. We put a criss necklace on my sister and she immediately felt better and she got color back onto her cheeks and everything. So I would try that.
    Later we found out that he was a spirit my sister had let out when she was little, and that he was the one who always tried to possess her, including the night before we had played. He says he does not like her because she was baptized, and that is why he came back. Though she is baptized, my sister is satanist and does not like God, though she believes in his existence.

    1. God loves you. He wants whats best for you. How can you be okay with demons treating you like garbage, second rate filth when you are SO for them? Keeping a cross means you still revere and respect God, even depend on Him to protect you from evil. Your sister too.

      Come back to God. He loves us so much that he gave up his only son to save us from original sin. All the "spirits" you talk to through an Ouija board are demons, and they ABSOLUTELY hate humans. If you go to Hell after death legions of demons will torture you for all eternity.

      If you need advice... someone to help you, please reply.

  22. Sigh... did you do ANY research before playing?
    1. BE POLITE. Even good spirits may attack if you insult them.
    2. Say. always. goodbye. Even if no one answer your calling, do it. The spirit is there as long as goodbye is said.
    3. Do not tempt them with "or what", "prove yourself" or anything else as stupid when the spirit is bad, ESPECIALLY a demon. Especially when he warns you not to.
    4. Never let go of the pointer. It's considered as not saying goodbye.
    So yeah, even if you don't believe in something, but have heard nasty things, you could even check the rules.

    But what to do now? Some go to God, but I honestly think that doesn't help much since Christianity is pretty new religion compared to Buddhism and other natural believes. And it is pretty much cheating if you ask someone to save your ass and then forget about it.

    -Salt is one way to go, in many regions it cleans you from evil.
    -Medium? Well, most of them are liars but a real one could help or give some advice.
    -Stone named Onyx helps against evil spirits but if your health is low, don't use it. Onyx kinda uses your own soul/energy/aura/chakra whatever you wanna call it.
    -Last hope is exorcism and I must say that those priests are dicks. I thought in Christianity you are supposed to love and help everyone in need. This is why I'm Animist.
    But keep looking before your soul is eaten or whatever they do with it.

  23. Play the Qur'an in your house, particularly Surah bakarah, you can go on youtube for that. The priest you asked refused to help but maybe try asking an imam? Muslims have their own form of exorcism, you can try. Ask God for protection even if you're atheist, if you ask of Him alone sincerely He will help you.

  24. I think you should say goodbye and number 8 means the entity is trying to get out try praying to god so that he could help you even though you are an atheist

  25. I don't want to sound rude or inconsiderate,ok so there's this show, supernatural its like all fictional, except the legends, creatures, and ways to get rid of spirits. theres a few ways. drive the spirit onto holy ground, burn the bones of the person (not in your case) or SALT EVERYTHING!!!!!! put it at the entrances to your home and windows except one.yell a prayer or exorcism to make sure all of your home can hear you and then wait a few seconds. then finish the one entrance with the salt. make sure the board is outside your home. preferably miles away if not at the bottom of the ocean. mail it to Russia. what ever just get it away. stay with the salt in place a few days. just to make sure the spirit has left the house. burn sage all throughout your home. do not miss any corner or room. you can break the salt line after you do this. if it continues, (which it shouldn't) MOVE. get a priest or someone with religious authority to bless you or cleans you.

  26. To not be a Christian because you think priests are dicks is ridiculous...Christianity is about the faith, NOT the humans who practice it.



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