Thursday, June 11, 2015

Was It Beelzebub?

So I've always been into paranormal stuff but very cautious towards Ouija boards. I was curious though when I went over to my friends today and she said she had one. Bailey, Sydney, Annie, and I all headed down to the basement to test it out (none of us having any experience).
It went something like this

Me- is there anyone here with us?
Me: what's your name?
- b e e z l e b u b

We all laugh thinking it's just nonsense letters. Annie looks it up only to find out it's another name for the devil. We get a bit more serious after that.

Me-Are you an evil spirit?
Bailey-were you married?
Bailey- did you have any kids?
Bailey- how many?
Me-are any of them alive today?
Bailey- did you kill them?
-e x
Me- am I going to die before my twin?
Me- how?
-m e
-k i l l d e l a n e y (delaney is my name)

I flip out and take my fingers off the planchette while the others still play

Annie- are you nice?
- n o t t o d e l a n e y
Bailey- which one is delaney?
-g r e y

We all flip out cause I'm wearing a grey shirt and I go and sit over by Annie to get away from the board more so and we decide to lighten up the questions a bit

Bailey- what's your favorite color?
- w h e r e I s s h e

Annie tells me to go back to spot because by then the planchette was moving fast and he seemed pretty pissed off so I did

-t h a n k s
Annie- can we leave now? (Sydney, Bailey, and Annie playing)

Then I realize I have to say goodbye too but I don't play alone so I make Annie play with me so I can say goodbye

Me- can I leave now?
-no (very fast)

And then I leave again cause I'm scared and Annie says it spells something saying "wife" and "love" but didn't get the rest. I go back and try to say goodbye again

-m i n e
Me- how was your day?
Me- that's great me too. can I please leave now?
-a n n i e l e a v e
-d e l a n e y s t a y

Bailey joins in then

Bailey- why do you like delaney so much?
-n o t m i n e

I quickly move it to goodbye and we put it away in baileys house

Why do you think it was so obsessed with me?! It was very persistent about me staying and talking and why would it mention something about wife and love? He kept saying I was his but then said he was unhappy because I wasn't. This was about 5 hours ago and nothing has happened since.



  1. Well. Beelzebub is not the devil. It is in fact the devils elder brother. The father of four. Two of which are twins. Azazel and astaroth. I dont know much about the other two kids. Hell is ruled by four great powers. Satan, beelzebub, astaroth, and azazel. Then all the other powers of hell which are in the dozens of dozens.

    You could have been talking to anyone really. But. Unless your beelzebubs reincarnated wife (in hell you can marry many times and marry human souls if wished) i doubt it was really him. He is a busy demon.

    Very very easily it could be a guardian angel or dead relative wanting to make contact and using a scary name to make you listen or stay faithful to your religion which most likely frowns on your board useage. It could also just a devilish spirit wanting to scare the flowers out of you. I mean trolls exist in the living world why not the dead world?

    It was good of you to force end the session though.

    Be safe.

    1. Where did you learn this stuff? I've studied for a good long while and never heard of any of the things.

  2. Because it's an evil sprirt. Duh. Ouija boards shouldn't be messed with

  3. Tonight my friends and I played with a ouija board and it spelled out Beelzebub. My brother and I are twins!!!

  4. I layed with four frends about 6 years ago. The board was focused in me mostly. It was bezelbub who contacted us. I've been haunted by a demonic presence ever since. Possessions, dreams, voices​, physically hit and scratched. The number 3 surrounds me everywhere. It lets me build myself up after my life crumbles around me, just to do it again once I'm doing good again. I'm about to get a new board and start a session just to end it with good bye, because I don't think I ended the session properly. I'm 31 years old, and I was 25 when I used the board. It was the only time I've ever played. Should I try another session to see if I can make it leave? I have a 15 month old son and I fear for his safety.this is 100 percent the truth. Anyone iut there with some knowledge on what I should do let me know please. Thank you.

  5. My mom played with a Ouija board when she was a teen. It said it's name was Beelzebun. They said goodbye and never touched it again. She warns all us not to touch one or play with one after that.



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