Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Spirit Of My Friends Great Grandfather

    Arthur, spirit of my friend's great grandfather

    My name is Lucy, I am 16 years old, I am very curious and intrigued by the concept of communicating with spirits. After a lot of reading stories of Ouija boards me, my boyfriend, and my two friends, who are also together decided to make a homemade board and see what or who we could communicate with. I know this isn't a game or something so I made sure I was polite and channeled somewhat positive energy so as to not anger spirits.

    At first we played with a coin on a piece of paper with all the letters, numbers and symbols on it. We spun the coin in three circles and asked if anyone was there and willing to communicate with us. When the coin started moving of it's own accord my friend Georgia panicked and lifted her finger off the coin. Hoping this wasn't dangerous we carried on, and started talking to a spirit called 'Dzeeko'? She said she was a girl, and was 5, and she was born in 1826. We asked where she was from and she gave a load of jumbled letters. By now I was hooked. We decided to leave it after being told by a rather grumpy spirit that they didn't want to talk and promptly 'goodbye'. Thug lyfed by a ghost.

    A few hours later we came back to it, and this time lit 4 candles around the makeshift board. I was doing the talking and this time the conversation went something like:

    Me: are there any spirits willing to communicate with us?
    Board: yes
    Are you from the sun or the moon?
    Board: sun
    Me: do you know any of us?
    Board: yes
    Me: who is it?

    Coin slides to Ben's side of the board

    Me: Ben did you know anyone who died recently?
    Ben: my great grandad
    Me: Can you tell us your name?
    Board: yes
    Me: what is your name?
    Board: A
    Ben: his name was Arthur
    Me: is this Arthur?
    Board: yes

    We all get excited because it seemed so far fetched but it was happening and it was so real.

    Me: how old are you?
    Arthur: 82
    Me: how did you die?
    Arthur: o-l-d
    Me: is it old age?
    Arthur: yes
    Me: were you happy?
    Arthur: yes

    This still seemed a little too far fetched, so Ben said we should ask who his daughter was, to try and prove it was him.

    Me: what is the name of your daughter?
    Arthur: S
    Ben: her name was Sandra
    Me: did you have a wife?
    Arthur: yes
    What was her name?
    Arthur: N D
    Ben: did she pass away before you did?
    Arthur: yes

    By now we were running out of questions but we were so interested we couldn't let it go. Ben decided to stick fingers up behind his back so the rest of us couldn't see

    Me: how many fingers has Ben got behind his back?
    Arthur: 2
    Ben: *takes hand from behind his back with 2 fingers held up*
    Me: are you in the room with us?
    Arthur: yes
    Me: are you behind Ben?
    Arthur: yes

    We had run out of questions again. Until:

    Eddie(boyfriend): are you in heaven or hell?
    Arthur: sun
    Me: is it nice?
    Arthur: yes
    Me: are you with your wife?
    Arthur: yes
    Me: should we go now?
    Arthur: yes
    Ben: if we call again will you come back?
    Arthur: yes
    Me: okay, thank you Arthur, goodbye
    Eddie, Ben, Georgia: goodbye

    Sorry for it's long winded-ness but I just thought it was a really interesting first ouija session and it really proved to me that there isn't as much distance between the living and the deceased as first imagined. Literally. He was behind Ben.

Lucy Tilling

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