Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Gateway to Hell

The Gateway to Hell is apparently the Cemetery near my house.

So, a couple years ago, my friends Thomas and Nick went into the woods near my house. It was closer to Thomas' house, but whatever. It was this little section of woods in between two roads, the road Thomas lived on, and some other road that had a grave yard on it.

So we whipped out my Ouija Board, sat on the ground in a circle, set it up, and got ready to play. It was about 4:30-5:00 I think. We sat there and put our hands on the pointer. Nick was extremely hesitant about it, stating "Ouija boards are evil! I'm a heavy Christian, I'm gonna get possessed." Me and Thomas convinced him to just do it, and he did.

We all sat there, and finally started. Thomas asked if anybody was there. We got yes. He asked if it was a boy or a girl. It was a girl. He asked the name, I don't remember what it was, but I think it was Jane or Joan. It started with J. We asked if she had died. Yes. We asked where she was. She said she was in the grave yard right across the road.

Nick freaked out and said we should leave. We again convinced him to just keep playing. We said hello again, and apologized for stopping briefly. She said it was fine. We asked more questions like if she had any children, she said yes, one who had become a lawyer and is already retired. He lived in a neighboring town to ours she said. That was pretty cool we thought. Then shit got real.

She started to answer faster and in incomplete sentences. We asked if something was wrong. She respond with "DO NOT GO CEMET." We asked what that meant, knowing that she meant cemetery. She said "GRAVE." We we're scared at this point. We sat for a little bit. The pointer moved to the moon. Then we were even more scared. We didn't know what to do or say. I finally asked, "Why can't we go to the cemetery?"

"ITS HELL ITS HELL ITS HELL ITS HELL." She responded. I quickly said goodbye, flipped over my board, waited a few minutes, packed up the board, and booked it out of there faster than a car. I'm an atheist, but that still scared the ever living shit out of me, and my two friends.

We got back to Thomas's house, Nick left, and Thomas and I ended up staying at another friend's house that night.



  1. That sounds amazing! I'm an athiest too!!! My experiences with the board have never been intense like that, sadly, but I've played at a graveyard before, then that night my house was filled with spirits because half the grave yard came home with me Dx

  2. Great story tho! :)

  3. I've played the Ouija board many, many times in a graveyard. There were never any times that I've spoken to an evil soul...that I know of. But their name was Eugene. Just so happened to be the great grandfather of the families grave I was playing on. I've always said goodbye to the spirits and the board, never any problems. Just cool stories to tell!



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