Monday, June 22, 2015

My Friend Contacted Her Dead Father

My friends and I had wanted to try out a Ouija board for a couple months now. I had a legitimate Ouija board (not the ones that you find at Toys R Us), but because my dad moved, I couldn't find it. My friend, Tay, suddenly told me one day that she had brought her Ouija board to school; I had no idea she had one but I was all for it. We decided to do it at lunch with my other friends, Sandra and Wes.

We went into a quiet room during school and set it up. I was a bit discouraged because it was a cheap board with a plastic planchette. However, we tried it and it worked, spitting out only gibberish, though. Another guy, Austin, barged in and started making noise and just wasn't taking it seriously. We asked if the spirit was angered by Austin making so much commotion, and it moved to "yes". Jokingly, Wes asked if it wanted to kill Austin, and it did a tiny circle and landed on "yes" again. I wasn't exactly scared, I was watching Sandra's fingers and they appeared to be shaking. I couldn't tell if she was scared or if she was moving the planchette. I told her to take her fingers off the board. She did and it still moved, but way slower. She claimed to give off the most energy. We said goodbye and closed the board.

The next day, Tay admitted to forgetting the planchette at home, but she still had the board so we found a small CD and used it. Luckily, it worked. We had a few more spectators now, excluding Austin. We now had Senada, Heather, Kaidan, and Jenna. Sandra asked if the spirit was related to any of us. It moved to "yes". She asked if the spirit was close to any of us. "Yes". I was immediately eliminated, as I don't know any close relatives who died. Sandra asked if the spirit was a grandparent, it moved to "no". She asked if it was a father. "Yes." I immediately froze. Three people using the board had dead fathers. Sandra's father, Kaidan's father, and Senada's father. Tay asked if it was Senada's. "No." She asked if it was Kaidan's. "No." When Tay asked if it was Sandra's (where she explained to everyone that her dad died in a fire when she was 9), it moved to "yes". I started crying because I couldn't believe this was happening.

Sandra asked how old she was when he died, it moved to "9". We were a bit skeptical though, because she had just said that. So she asked how old she was when they had their first house fire, then took her fingers off the board. No one knew the answer, but then the planchette moved to "8". We looked at Sandra, and she said that was true. She asked a couple more questions that only her and her father would know, then after every question she would take her fingers off to prove she wasn't moving it. It answered every question right. I was Sandra's closest friend out of the group so if I didn't know it, nobody in the room did.

Sandra asked, "dad, was that you that I saw in my room last night?" It moved to "yes". She never told anyone about this experience until she said it then. We were about to close the board to go to class, so she asked if there was anything he wanted to say to her. It went to "I" and then stopped. Sandra asked, "you, what, dad?" It moved again, to "L". She asked if he is going to say "love", and it went to yes. She asked, "who do you love?" And it moved, quite fast, to the letter "U." Now we knew why the spirit moved the planchette faster when Sandra was touching it.



  1. Omg this is really cute and heartwarming ❤ its nice that she is still able to talk to her father

    1. That is really cute! Though a little sad! So many if you without fathers :( but also, a spirit I once talked to told me that as soon as you touch the planchette, the spirit knows everything you know, even if you take your hand off, and that is how bad spirits are able to pretend to be someone they are not): hopefully that isn't the case though. My grandma died in my house last year and I can sometimes feel her presence in my room at night along with my best friends who died in 2009.

  2. Omg this is so sweet!!!!!! =')

  3. Just be careful somtimes Demons lie and say they are someone close who died

  4. this brought a tear to my eye.. tear of joy(': thank you for this nice story!



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