Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kokkuri-san - The Safe Ouija

It was about a week ago. Strange and ghostly things (books flying off the shelves and onto our heads, strange shadows flying around the house, strange creatures seen in the mirrors, marks on the floor…) had been happening to me and my two best friends lately, so we decided to try using a Ouija board to find out why the spirits were doing these things to us. Me and another friend were to scared to really do it, but one of my two besties was all for it. I had Googled all those posession stories and I was afraid of the consequences. We were still saying we were going to do it, just not certain if we could go through with it. Then the friend who wasn’t scared, one of Japanese ancestry, told me of a Japanese game called Kokkuri-san during a Geography lesson at school. I was immediately interested and we tried it right away. And it worked. It really worked. So if you’re in a similar situation, you’ll be in doubt no more! I’ve written down the rules and instructions for playing the game below.

Unlike Ouija, Kokkuri-san isn’t dangerous. Who you summon is actually a Japanese god in the form of a fox, called Kokkuri. San means you respect whoever you’re addressing, so you add it to the name.


1. Prepare a pen, a coin and a piece of paper.

2. If you’re not English, make the game in your own language. At the top middle of the paper, draw a torii (Google it if you don’t know what it looks like). On the left hand side of the torii, write “yes” and on the right hand side write “no”. Write one or two rows of numbers from 0-9 and below them write the alphabet of your language. Kokkuri told me he knows all languages perfectly, so you may play the game in whatever language you want. Fromm y experience, it works best if all players share the same mother-tongue which should be the language the paper is written in.

3. Place your coin (best choice is a Yen coin, but cents (89% copper, 5% aluminium, 5% zinc, and 1% tin) work wonderfully, too) on the torii. You and at least one other person must place one index finger on the coin.

4. Some people advise you to open a door or window so that Kokkuri can enter. The game works best outside.

5. Traditionally you should say: “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please come.” But from personal experience I know that asking “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, are you there?” works too. In both instances, the coin should slide to “yes”. Now you may begin.

6. Ask your questions like this: “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, *your question*?”

7. Kokkuri-san is easily angered, so you must obey all the rules and apologise for braking any. You should be very respectful at all times.

Kokkuri-san: the safe Ouija


1. Never play alone. Kokkuri told me that this game is connected with Ouija, so if you play alone you could end up being possessed.

2. It is advisable not to take your finger off the coin while playing. I understand that if Kokkuri moves the coin really fast, which can happen, your finger can slip away. If this does happen, apologise to Kokkuri. If you want to take your finger off intentionally, you should ask Kokkuri if you can do so.

3. Kokkuri is a jokester. He almost had me buying algae for an angry ghost once. If the answer he gives you is strange, you should ask if he’s joking. He jokes most of the time.

4. When you have asked all your questions, say: ‘’Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, please leave.’’ If the coin moves to yes and then to the torii, you may remove your fingers from it and pack up the game.

5. Some websites tell you to destroy the paper and use the coin when you’re done. I have asked Kokkuri if this is necessary, and he said no, but just to be on the safe side, you should ask him yourself.

6. You may find lots of stories across the internet about Kokkuri hurting people. I asked him if any were true and he said no. He is very kind and gentle and cheerful. The only harm that can come from you in this game is if you play alone.

7. Kokkuri-san is not in any way dangerous if played properly. You will find all necessary instructions above. I am not responsible for any harm that comes to anyone who does not obey the rules I have written down.

Have fun!

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  1. the "ouija" isn't necessarily dangerous, and is really no different than Kokkuri-San.
    the one difference with the later is you're asking for a specific entity. you can do the same exact thing for any other form of talking board.
    whenever i do, I ask specifically for my spirit guide, and I can always tell by how they feel on the board, and I'm always greeted with "HELLO" (my board has full words on it).

    also, you CAN totally play alone. the possession thing is a myth; a demon or spirit doesn't need any talking board if it TRULY wanted to possess you. people become possessed by just walking into haunted places, no talking board involved. I ONLY have used mine alone, my guide is very polite with me.

    it's really all in what you believe, and what sort of vibrations you put outt, truly.

    1. How do you find your spirit guide?

    2. What sort of questions do you ask your spirit guide? And how can you tell that it's really your spirit guide?

  2. There is NO such thing as spirits. They do not exist. You're not contacting any god, deceased relative or SpongeBob square pants. You and your "bestie" need to grow up. You're only able to contact demons. Every "ghost" story, every "poltergeist" story every single supernatural story that you have ever heard about was a demon. Read your Bible, or get a Bible, AND READ IT. There are no ghosts, there are no aliens, Bigfoot or Loch Ness monster. There are only demons. Human souls are not wondering aimlessly around. They are dormant until the day of judgement. Read a Bible, stop with your earthly "gotta be cool, and relevant thought, and wake up. Before it's too late.

    1. Honestly in the bible it has said there are spirits on the world, demons are spirits, anything that binds them to this world, Angels, demons, anything. That was what I read in the bible. If you allow them in then it works

    2. If only there are no HUMANS in this world so i don't have to deal with every bullshit i happened to read whether it be regarding school life , work life , your comments and my reply.

    3. wow you're so uninformed. bravo in believing in that fairy tale you call the bible

    4. 100% agree, theres no spirits, JUST demons, wich u really shoildnt mess with, you WILL regret it. And the bible is very real, read it and understand it beforw its to late.

    5. That is the DUMBEST thing i have heard in my entire life. What do you think Angels are? What do you think the holy spirit is? THEY ARE SPIRITS. ITS EVEN IN THE NAME

    6. it what we believe in what we want to believe in

    7. The Bible isn't even real. It's just a book\story someone made up just so they can bring hope to the people and get money. You need to grow up

  3. Can you "buy" something from a friend/family member with the coin? Like let's say my brother offers me a toy for the coin, would that be considered spending?

    1. that's what i typically do each time i play. it works for me personally.

  4. I believe in Christ and the bible, but the person saying they are not real, in the bible people have become possessed in the bible, and Jesus preformed an exorcism.

    1. I dont believed in's fake

  5. So.... I played kokkuri-san and some idiot crumbled the paper mid game...and I screwed? (btw he was really nice and cheerful :) good reviews people, good reviews)

  6. I just want to ask if u aren't allowed to be alone can u have your pet with u? I'm a loner and have no friends and I'd like to try this just abit scared to on my own

  7. What happens if you play it in a haunted place like the Suicide Forest? What will happen if you do?



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