Monday, September 7, 2015

Good Experience With The Ouija

True story. Many years ago when I was a teenager (I am 73) I was in the forces and stationed in Gibraltar. One of the girls, I'll call her Joan, wanted to try an Ouija Board and made one with cut out letters etc. Myself and another girl declined to take part but sat watching from a distance. The questions were the sort young girls would ask. Will I get married? How many children will I have? The glass was moving and answering these questions.

The other girl, I'll call her Fay, accused Joan of moving the glass because all the answers were of the future so could not be verified. Joan asked me for a question which could be answered then and there but one which no-one else knew. The question was my father's middle name which is usually a surname.

At first the glass stayed still then it moved to spell out the correct name. It then spelt out my name and a message. That I was loved and not to be afraid because I was being protected. By this time only Joan had her finger on the glass and she looked frightened. As the glass spelt out the last word it shot out from under her finger, off the table and smashed. Needless to say no more sessions.

My father at the time was very much alive although I had no contact with him as my parents were divorced. All I know is that no matter what life has thrown up at me something or someone has always turned up to make it better. Co-incidence or someone/something watching over me? I don't know and I still have not touched an Ouija Board.


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