Sunday, September 20, 2015

Veronica Possessed My Brother

I don't remember when this happened but me and Misha were playing the Ouija board. I was video taping every thing. I told my brother that nothing will happen if you play alone. You would need more the two or three players to play the "game".

Later on, he asked if anyone was there. it didn't move that much. I told him I should play but he insisted on playing by him self. so I let him.

I noticed he was looking at my computer, so I looked at it too. I asked "what are you looking at" he doesn't answer, so I decided to look were he was looking. he said "she's there"... long story short I was her. I moved around the computer. That when my bro got possessed.

I didn't know then, I was to focused on trying to find her. then I realized my bro was possessed by the spirit. I asked its name and it spelled Veronica. I asked is this Possession? it moved to yes. long story short. I asked a few more questions.

When we were done I told my bro to say good bye.

It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.

joey mcbride


  1. You say "I was her". What does that mean?

  2. The ouija board is a gateway for demons to come thru and lie to you. They will pretend to be anything just to engage you. You are a fool if you partake in summoning an entity. STOP USING OUIJA BOARDS! It is incredibly dangerous for anyone involved and your friends and family.

    1. Stop posting this on every story, they won't stop just because some one warns them to. I'm not being mean but seriously no one will listen.

    2. Honestly they just wont



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