Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Ouija Story

Hi my name is Morgan and I want to tell you my Ouija story.

So a few nights ago I was hanging out with my friends and we wanted to do something so we decided to go up into the attic and look around in my mom's old stuff. Then we actually found a Ouija board and we were like yeah let's do that. So we sat around in my room and asked if anyone was there. It immediately moved to yes. We asked what their name was and they said Morgan.

We thought nothing of it at the time but then we started asking more questions and we found out she was just like me. It was starting to get really weird when we asked when she was born and it was the same time, date, and year as mine. So we asked if we could leave and she said no. So we asked some more questions and I guess one of them made her really mad and then all my books flew of my shelf and on the cover of them all said YOU WILL REGRET THIS in big red letters. And nothing happened so we asked if we could leave and nothing happened.

We decided to go to sleep and then we heard footsteps. I knew it wasn't my mom because it was 1:30 in the morning and she was sound asleep. Then we heard pounding on the outside of my door, and a couple seconds later there was a raspy voice that said goodbye Morgan.

The next day I had cuts all over my arms.


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