Sunday, September 27, 2015

Information About Ouija Spirit Zozo

Hello I just need sum info about Zozo, he's lied to me, tried to play tricks on me and my friends and so did "mama", my best friend is a healer and "M&Z" hate her.

It's been awhile since we have talked to them but not sure if it really was my guardian angel we talked to, or Zozo the whole time.

She has see M in her room but never z, the other morning she woke up had a shower and went back to bed everything was fine until she woke up with a burning sensation on her leg which was the letter Z scratched into her back of leg.

I just need to know why is he scratching her but not really possessing?



  1. Just be thankful it's just a scratch and not possesion. Be careful what you let in your life.

  2. try bringing a priest to bless the house i heard that usually sends bad spirits away
    sincerely, David

  3. Has he called himself mama aza, he lies to me and mentally torments me but I warn you do not let him in do not let him count down numbers or alphabet or he will let himself in keep a bible in your house he hates them , remember he is the beast of lies and tricks, if any spirt assoictes themselves as 28 it is zozo if it says it's Satan its zozo.

  4. Be very careful....



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