Friday, September 25, 2015

Using The Ouija Board Alone

Using the Ouija board alone:

So here's some things you need to know before I talk about the Ouija board...

I'm currently pregnant right now and I wanted to be completely sure who the father was. (Sounds horrible but I'll explain). I had sex with my ex boyfriend and took a Plan B on February 15th, 2015 and then got what it seemed like a period February 23rd-28th and had sex with someone else March 4th due to us breaking up and you know, rebound I guess...

I've been so curious and it's been eating my mind alive so I made a Ouija board myself and decided to play alone.

When I first asked if anyone was there, it took about a minute before I got a response. They said yes, I asked if they were going to hurt me and they said no. At this time, the planchette was moving very slowly... I don't remember the questions in the order I asked them but here's a basic outline.

When I asked their name, it went to B but that's it. I asked if they knew who the father of my child was and they said "yes". I asked if C (not going to use his name) was the father of my child and they said yes. I also asked if V was the father of my child and they said no. I kept asking "are you sure?" And they kept saying "yes". Then I asked what day in February did I have to take a plan b and it said "15", so I asked what was the first day of my last period and it said "23" and I also asked when it ended and it said "28". I asked "did the plan b work?" And they said "no".

So, I asked "was I already pregnant when I had sex with V?" And they said "yes". I asked if I was having a boy or a girl and they said "boy" and I asked what I was naming him and they said "Dylan" (they answered every question correctly).

By this time, the planchette was moving faster. I then started asking questions I wouldn't know the answers to because I wasn't sure if it was my subconscious telling me things I wanted to hear. I asked "what day will I have my son?" And it said "November 12" and I also asked "what time will I go into labor?" And it said "7am".

Then I asked what day was C going to take a DNA test and it said "December 4" and it spelled December way faster than the speed it was going in the beginning, like I was kind of freaked out how fast it went. I didn't know what to think. I asked "will me and C get back together?" And it said "no" and I asked "will we get back together after the baby is born?" And it said "yes".

So to be sure... I asked "how many girls did C physically cheat on me with?" It said "1" (this is true, he cheated on me with his ex). I asked "how many times" and it said "3" (after it said 3 I realized he told me it happened about 3 times). I asked what her name was and it spelled out her name. I also asked (again) if me and him were going to work things out and it said "yes"... Then I said "thank you, goodbye" and they said goodbye without any problem...

I am so freaked out and I'm hoping it wasn't a spirit playing mind tricks with me because if my child is C's, I will be beyond happy because the other guy is a huge A-hole and already has two kids. It's September 25th today and well, if my child is born on November 12th or any time before the 20th, I guess they were telling the truth. I will be back to post results!



  1. Honestly I don't know if the spirits are tricking you or telling you the truth, I've heard many ouija board stories about the future for example someone asked "Where do you see America in next 100 years?" And it spelled out "Death" ... I don't know if the spirit read your mind and spelled out every answer that you would prefer with the baby.. If anything happens update please. Hope you're always safe with the baby. God bless. xx

  2. Yeah you should NOT be messing with ouija boards especially when pregnant.. You've been lucky so far, I would stop using them now

  3. I would be interested to know if the timing and dates are right. Hmm.

  4. I heard that the spirits can read your mind. How else would they know what happened in the past without being there. And since this was your first time contacting the spirit I'm very skeptical about how he could possibly know your past.
    Good luck with your pregnancy. Try not to stress too much over this. Put the life of your child first in everything you do and do not contact that spirit again. His "niceness" could very well be a plot to trick you into contacting him again. If you do decide to contact B again be on guard. You really have no way to know who you're really talking to.

  5. My birthday is november 12😐

  6. Please stop! It is demonic! I am warning you-visit a local priest or church pastor and ask for their prayers and get rid of that board the temptation could very well condemn you!

  7. Hey guys it's November 20th she should have had the child by now.

  8. Lol.i doubt the story ouija boards are never nice

  9. - What's The Result....? I really hope That You Are Blessed With A Healthy Child...!!

    Elisha ♥

  10. Was Dylan born on the 12?

  11. Are these reall experiences or made up?

  12. I changed my mind and had an abortion. Now I can always visit my child with the Ouija board and don't have to change any dirty diapers.

    1. Thank goodness!! Too many idiots are parents already no need for anymore. Curious how anyone could think they would be able to communicate with a foetus spirit through a quija board.

  13. She could not have had an abortion when she said she was pregnant in September and the baby was due in November. Maybe we will never know.

  14. It's impossible to have an abortion a month before it's due. Kinda get a Rosemary's baby feel off this one......

    May God have mercy on your soul
    Syaoran Li~

  15. Maybe sleep around a little less?? And not sleep with a holes a couple weeks later after sleeping with the other dude. Maybe you should post a "lost and found" ad for your baby's father. Hope this helps



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