Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Friends Ouija Stories

Hi thought I would share these stories my friend told me years ago that his dad done a oujia board and the house was haunted so he pricked his finger to draw blood put blood on the bible and threw it on the oujia board and loads of shadows of cats appeared on the wall.

Another story my girlfriend done Ouija board when she was about 14 and a week later she got hit by a car just a bruised leg nothing serious.

Another friend of mine done Ouija board and they were calling out is anybody there etc and nothing happened so there all stood up to walk off and the glass moved about 6 inch on its own they all ran out the house that was 20 years ago in his friends house funny thing is he now lives in that house with his partner and 2 children.

I have never done the Ouija board and I wouldn't I love all ghost stuff etc.

Thanks for reading I'm from Uk
Kevin Webster

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  1. My cousin had done ouija with her mom and dad 3 sisters on a Friday Saturday they left and got in car crash



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