Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Ouija Is Real And Dangerous

    Okay, so this isn't too recent of a story, but I want to put this out there so people know how dangerous messing around with Ouija Boards is. DON"T DO IT. It is real, and it is dangerous.

    When I was a freshman in high school, me and two of my friends were in my friends bedroom and we were so board and somehow we got the idea to do a Ouija Board. So we got paper and made one and used a coin as the token.

    We put our fingers on it and asked if anyone was there. Nothing happened for a bit, so we tried asking in different ways like "if any spirits are there, come forth" (This happened about 5 years ago so I don't remember every detail) Anyways, the coin moved to spell a name, and of course, we all thought it was the other moving it. So we went on to ask it different random questions, mostly doing with boys and other crap. But we wanted to test if it really was a spirit.

    So, I asked it a question my friends didn't know, what was the year I got very sick and it spelled out 2007. My other friend asked it what her middle name was (which somehow we didn't know) and it spelled E L I Z A B E T H.

    Right after that, my phone rang and i went to answer it and it was my mother. She was frantic asking if everything was alright. I told her I was fine and she told me she had the sense I was in danger. After calming her down and hanging up, I told my friends we should be done so we told the spirit goodbye.

    I told my mom about what happened when I got home. She prayed with me (My family and I are Christians, even then I was but was too young and naive to realize the realness of the situation)

    I called my friend and told her to rip the paper and command any spirits out of her room in the name of Jesus Christ. (Just in case)

    This obviously wasn't to scary of a story, but it is real, and so is God, and demons, and spirits. So please don't mess with a Ouija Board. Please.


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