Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Ouija Spirit Moved Our Couch

My friend Alison and I decided to make our own Ouija board because people at school were asking us to do it. We made one and lit the candle and used a 50c coin we placed it down and set it up but decided to watch videos of what happens with a Ouija. We then freaked out and then chose not to do it but we left the Ouija board open with the candle. We realized the candle was still lit and blew it out but since we didn't talk to the spirits we just closed the board and ripped it up without saying goodbye.

20 minutes later my friend and I were lying on two couches joined together. We started hearing noises and didn't do anything about it. The couches then started to separate and started moving and none of us were moving the couch. The couch that was moving my friend was on and it was taking her away. She started freaking out and jumped on to my couch.

We moved the couch back to see if the couch wouldn't move. But it moved backwards. We started freaking out and woke up Alison's brother to sleep with us in the two joined couches. We tied the bottoms of the couch up and the "spirit" didn't bother us when her brother slept with us. At least we think its a spirit.

Throughout the night we heard scratches and bangs. In the morning we woke up and there was melted plastic laying on the kitchen bench.

Gracie Taggart

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