Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Online Ouija Boards And Real Ouija Board Games

I've had a Ouija board experience without playing on the actual board game. Online Ouija boards are just as real as the board games.

I accidently clicked on a YouTube video of two people playing with a Ouija board. I clicked off then went to bed. Suddenly I felt like my room was tilting sideways.

I was hearing people meditating humming in the next room and there was no one there.

I was hearing evil voices that I wasn't hearing in my mind and I felt like I was being watched.

I was seeing people with burnt faces and having visions of me being run over by cars.

This was a few years ago and I would never play on a Ouija board again. I now have depression and heart problems.



  1. Oh my god I am soo horrendously sorry for you. I pray no one out there has to go through the say problems you have because of a Ouija board

    1. Behave lad, she watched a video on youtube...girl would watch 'ouija' the movie and claim to be possessed. My advice to this person is its a youtube video, you didn't open a realm yourself or try to contact the dead

  2. Well tbh when i think one thing happens, my brain keeps going into it... You are probably scaring ur self

  3. Listen, you're lucky you didn't use a physical board, antique or home-made. That sh-t's f-cking dangerous. Stop fooling around, you could get hurt. Remember, if you think that God will protect you, you're dead wrong. It is stated in the Bible that scrying (what you did, stuff with ouija boards) is a sin, so don't expect mercy. Also, it seems like those entities didn't like you. Sorry 'bout that. Honestly, all you can really do is just respect the entities and be nice. If you're an a-s to them, they'll flip their sh-t. Just be careful, okay?



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