Friday, November 21, 2014

The Prince Of Hell

It was November. I was at my grandmother's house. Back then, I LOVED the Paranormal. I was obsessed with it. I first heard about Ouija boards from the new movie Ouija. It peaked my interest. So I made a homemade Ouija board. Here's how my session went:

Me: Is there anyone here with me?

Board: YES

Me: What is your name?


Me: Are you good?

Board: YES

Me: WIll you hurt me?

Board: YES

Me: Goodbye

I closed the session and looked up who this BELPHEGOR is. It turns out Belphegor was a demon and a price of hell. Well there's my story.

deshawn blackmon


  1. So you love the paranormal but yet you never heard of a Ouija board??

  2. To me it doesn't make sense. I mean,if he is good then why would he hurt you?

    1. Demons will often try to trick you with lies.

    2. Also 'are you good' is too vague, your human version of goodness might not be the demon's. To him he might be 'good' at being bad, you need to be very careful with words when diving into these kinds of messes.

  3. Don't play with demons of high rank I've had a run in with baal and abaddon not fun at at all



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