Sunday, November 2, 2014

Floating Ouija Board Planchette In College

I'd always played around with the Ouija board at family events as a kid but eventually grew out of it. In my sophomore year of college I was with about 4 friends and with nothing to do on a Friday night one of them had suggested playing with the Ouija board.

It was all fun and games for the first half hour or so with the usual stupid questions and accusations of who might be moving the piece. Suddenly it began spelling out words we didn't understand. We were taken aback until it spelled out the only English word we all understood... death.

One of my fellow students yells out "B.S." (can't post the word here) while all hands are still on the piece. In an instant the piece rose off of the board about 1/4 inch and floated there for what must have been 3-4 seconds but felt like an eternity, then dropped. At the same time we all heard and saw a large crack appear in the dorm window. That was enough! Everyone ran out.

For days we talked about it among ourselves and shared the story with others. Some of who went by to see the window as it hadn't broken just cracked. This was in 1979 and I haven't touch or played ever since.


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