Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Deumus On The Ouija

So it was a couple years ago, and my cousin wanted to play an Ouija board. At the time I didn't know what they were, but I played with him, he showed me what to do and we read the instructions.
We took out the board and began to play in an abandoned house in CA. He asked if there was any sprits who wanted to speak and nothing.. We sat there for about 5-10 min. And the planchette started to move, neither one of us were moving it. And we said hello.. They responded H-E-L-L-O back.. We asked its name and it said D-E-U-M-U-S. We asked if it was a good or bad spirit and it moves to the moon, we asked if it was a male or female and it said female, it then spelled out M-A-D we asked why and she said B-E-L-I-E-V-E

We then asked if it was because I didn't believe cause at the time I didn't and she said Y-E-S then we heard a crash when a lamp fell off a shelf. We were scared so we tried ending the game but she wouldn't let us, so we forced it we said goodbye and closed the board.

We went for the door but it was locked. My cousin kicked the door down and we ran out of the house, we left the board in the house and ever since then we've experienced weird things like our names being whispered at night and things falling, and lots of shadows in my house.

One day I was riding my bike down the street in front of the house we used it in, (and left the board in) and there was a tall woman standing in the window where we used the board. We never went back to the house and I live in TX now. If no one has still moved into the house I guarantee the board is still there.

In Texas as I was walking down my street with one of my friends there was a house no one lived in, the owners left without telling anyone, they were just gone one day and never came back, it had been 2 years since I moved to TX and about 6 months since the owners moved. Anyway, my friend and I walked in front of the house, and what I thought to be the same woman as in CA was standing in the window, my friend pointed her out and I looked and got freaked out and my friend didnt know why. But I ran.

Is this "Deumus" the woman, and is she following me?

Devon Rundles


  1. Deumus/Deumo is the goddess of the Calicut in Malabar. She is really a devil adored under the name of Deumus. She wears a crown, has 4 horns on her head and 4 hooked yet strong teeth in her mouth. Her nose is pointed and hooked. Her feet are like a rooster, and she holds a soul between her claws which she seems ready to devour.

  2. yes, i think she could be being followed by her although i don't think that she is 'Deumus'. if you search up deumus, it says that she is a devil and is evil. i don't think that the woman would be her. also many people say that if you awaken an 'evil' spirit it can attach to you.

  3. The name Deumus seems to be associated with the Hindu deity Durgas, if that helps:

    1. I'd like to talk with you about these Ouija boards Devon. Although I live in CO now, I was born and raised in TX. My name is Austin Delsordo if you'd like to have a talk I can give u my email or somethin'. get back to me though

    2. Durga is goddess and she is not evil. She is evil for demons not for humans.

  4. Don't be fooled! The evil is everywhere.The evil will be where you atleast expect it to be!



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