Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Ouija Board Is A True Means Of Communication

Hi, my name is Shane. Last night my girlfriend and I decided to use our Ouija board for the second time. The first time we used it we spoke to a spirit named Diana that had claimed to have being in my parents house since 1930. The house was built in 1867 so I believed her.

I Never really fully believing the Ouija board was a true means of communication we decided to use it last night. Boy I sure was wrong. I talked to a spirit named Simon. He answered my year based questions such as what year is it currently. What year did you first enter this house, and what year were you born.

Then I wanted to test how accurate he could be. I asked what address this was and he told me 6 Prospect which is correct. We live in a boarding house and live in room 10. I asked him what room we were currently in and he told us "10".

Getting somewhat curious to go further I asked him if he knew what my name was and he spelled out my name for me. My girlfriend asked what her name was and same thing, perfectly accurate.

I recently had my grandfather pass away and I stated "I recently had a family member pass away who was very important to me, do you know what his name is?" He spelled out Calvin which was my grandfathers name. At that point I felt uncomfortable and thanked him and moved the planchette to goodbye.


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