Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wreck Caused By A Ouija Board?

A few nights ago my friends and I went to a graveyard to play with an Ouija board, knowing we weren't supposed to do play there because of all the spirits, we did anyways. When we got there mostly everyone chickened out and didn't play, but me and one other person still did.

We forgot our planchette so we needed something we could use, the only thing we had was an alcohol bottle. You're never supposed to even have alcohol around Ouija boards but we dumbly used it to play.

We started playing, I recited the lines I was supposed to say, we kept asking questions but no one was answering. I started to take it as a joke so I invited out mama and zozo, "mama where are you? Come on zozo talk to us" still no answer. We then heard a deep voice screaming telling us to run, we all ran in our cars.

The girl and I who played were in my car, we were driving fine and then all of a sudden my brakes wouldn't work around a turn, my steering wheel stalled, I couldn't do anything. My car flew over a water bank and into the pond. The car in front of us were my friends they pulled over and ran to us.

We quickly got out of the car, as it was smoking. It was the weirdest thing ever, a car pulled up to my friend and asked what happened, my friend said that his friends had wrecked, and were stuck in the car I said no im right here, it was as if no one could see me, I honestly thought I was dead.

I kept trying to talk and then all I remember next was my mom arriving with the tow truck, my head had hurt so bad, I also had glass in it and I have bad whiplash. A guy helping us came up and gave us a mat, we didn't know what it was it just said "WELCOME" he said it was hanging on my car in the creek, he figured it just fell out, we had never seen that mat before, it wasn't ours.

I dont know if the wreck was significant to the Ouija board or maybe I'm just over thinking it. I didn't cry at all, through the whole thing, as if my tear ducts were dried up. My friends are convincing me it was because I was the only one into playing, so maybe I was possessed? I really don't know..



  1. You got lucky and God saved you. If you put the board in your car that was a mistake. If anything else happens contact a priest etc.

  2. did anything happen after that?

  3. You got lucky don't play with it ever again.

  4. First off, NEVER play with a ouija board in a graveyard or anywhere you don't think you should be playing it, etc. that's just setting yourself up for danger. Second, you said you did some things with the board that you knew you shouldn't have done. I myself am all for testing limits, but doing things like that is just plain dangerous. Lastly, unless you want yourself a death sentence, NEVER INVITE NEGATIVE SPIRITS SUCH AS MAMA AND ZOZO. I've been curious about those spirits myself, but inviting them like that is basically digging your own grave. If I were you, I would sage your house and bless it just to make sure nothing else happens.

  5. Shouldn't drink and drive.

    1. Yeah don't blame demons for being a drunk kid. Everything you wrote and even admitted to be completely reckless that entire time. I'm glad your alright and your friends but you are foolish for making light of a serious tool for speaking with the dead. Hope you learned something from this.



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