Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ouija Board Experience In Foster Home

I was in a Boys foster home with my roommate, I had no experience with a Ouija board my roommate had a lot. We told it we were opening ourselves to good and bad spirits. (dumb idea probably) We finally got someone and asked the normal questions, then we asked it to give us a sign. it said behind Chase (Me). We turned around and looked... nothing. We gave up on trying to get a physical sign and finished up.

Me and my roommate always would get freaked out and felt safe sleeping with our rosary. I turned around (Behind chase) to get it out of my backpack. Which keep in mind this Rosary has been in a pocket in my backpack for months (6-8). As I get my rosary out of its pouch it was broke dead in the middle. Now it is possible that handling the backpack could of broke it. But its been in a pouch in a pocket of my backpack for months without a scratch.

Also the more we used the board all we would get before we started to give up is it would say its name is "Mom" it would tell us Ouija is the devil. and it would also say its name was "Zaz" saw a similar story with a similar name.

Please if anyone has more info on my experience comment.


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  1. hello. i'd like to tell you, you talked to Zaza and most likely Mama, Zaza is the third most powerful Ouija Board demon. Mama is the most powerful one. Zozo is the second. I really hope you said goodbye, and did everything correctly because Zaza loves to mess with people. she is very dangerous. if you didn't do everything correctly, i suggest you either burn sage, or bless your house.



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