Saturday, May 30, 2015

First Time Using A Ouija Board

Yesterday, I used a Ouija board for the first time. I've always been interested in ouija boards and what they do, so I had decided I was ready to use one.

I was over my friend's house, and she asked me if I wanted to use hers. I immediately got excited, yet I was still a little nervous to use it, based on the stories I've heard. As soon as we put our hands on it and asked if there was a spirit present, the planchette moved to yes. I got scared yet excited immediately, so we started to ask it questions. I was too nervous to ask questions about the actual spirit, so we just asked light hearted questions, like if we were going to date people in high school (which it said yes, if I had passed a test in school (it said yes) and so on. Then, we said goodbye and put it away.

I kept asking my friend if she had been moving it, because though I strongly believe in ouija boards, I was shocked at the quick movements it had made. My friend kept saying no, and I knew she hadnt been moving the planchette because the whole time, I could see her fingers slightly hovering over the planchette.

Then, we got bored and used it a second time. This time, I asked if there was a positive spirit present, and it said no, so I immediately got nervous and wanted to put it away before anything bad happened. My friend kept asking it questions, but I didn't ask any because I was nervous and wanted to put it away.

After my friend asked a few questions, I said goodbye and put it away. I'm sort of nervous for my friend because she was not taking it seriously, and she was being a bit rude towards the negative spirit, so I hope nothing happens to her...

I know many things about Ouija boards because I have done my research, but if you guys have any comments, suggestions or tips on Ouija boards, please comment them!

Thanks for listening!


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