Sunday, May 31, 2015

Experience Using Home Made Ouija Board

Hi , I'm Jack and on Friday I used the Ouija board for the first time.

I got paper and cardboard and cut out the cardboard roughly the same size as a paper sheet and then drew everything on it.

I used a shot glass and it worked perfectly so here is what the spirit said

- Is there any spirit that would like to talk?
- Yes
- Are you a boy
- Yes
- What is your name?
- Brian
- how were you when you died
- 72
- How did you die?
- NO
- do you want to tell me?
- no
- Okay

I was really scared so I said goodbye and closed the session.

I tried a bit later and something bad really happened it went a bit like this

- Is there a spirit who would like to talk?
- No
- Why not
- Bad man
- who is bad?
- you
- how old are you?
- 7
- whats your name?
- Peter
- Thank you goodbye
- no
- Is this Peter?
- no
- who is this?
- Yuo
- are good or bad?
- I moved the shot glass to goodbye and closed the session I ripped up the board and put it in the bin.

What do I do?



  1. Stay away from it

  2. stay away from it and other boards, dispose of it by breaking it in 3 or 7 pieces, and scattering them into a body of water. say a prayer

    1. Ive read a few of your comments and it sounds like you know your shit. I as well have heard that burning a board is bad news and that you should put it under a body of water, but is it suppose to stay under forever? Also, when you demand a negative spirit to leave, how do you go about doing it? I need to know for any future uses of a board.i don't plan on using one until I gather all the information I need.


  3. NeNever burn a board it can release the evil spirits

  4. Not things to be doing believe u me there are nasty things



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