Monday, May 25, 2015

My Ouija Board Experience

Okay, so in around May 2014, my friends and I (six total) were hanging out. After a while, we got a little bored and wanted to try something new for once since we had always played outside or played video games. It suddenly came to me:

Play with the Ouija board!

I had never played with a Ouija board before that day, and I had little to no experience whatsoever of how to use it, so we went online to get some advice. The website said a bunch of stuff about demons and stuff, and at the bottom, it said that if the board spells out anything satanic like "DEVIL" or "HELL" then we immediately have to end the session.

Being clueless and new to this, we had no idea what to expect and this freaked us out a little. But we still wanted to do it. We did a little more research to guarantee it working, so we found out that there's something called the 'ideomotor' effect that happens where you just move it by yourself instead of a spirit due to your constant pulse and your subconscious or something. To prevent this, we blindfolded all the planchette movers. (We also read somewhere that it works better if it's a boy and a girl only moving it, so we chose my friends Sam and Maria)

We turned off all the lights and shut the door. (We did this in Sam's bedroom.) It was a rainy day. We didn't have any candles to light, so we used a little skull snow globe and little skull lamp light that we found to both set the mood and see the board. We made the board out of green bristle board and a black Sharpie marker, and we used a disposable plastic cup as the planchette. I was in charge of recording, but due to my sloth-like nature, I tend to space out very easily. I was chosen because I looked like I knew what I was doing, even though I didn't. We soon started, all very excited and completely unaware of what to expect.

Sam: Are you there?

Board: Yes.

Sam: What's your name?

Board: (doesn't move)

Sam: Are you a good spirit?

Board: (Planchette moves a bit, but generally doesn't say anything and stays still)

Sam: What's your favourite sport?

Board: (Doesn't say anything at first.)

Sam, being a little impatient, skips to the next question right away.

Sam: Are you a kid?

Board: Starts moving to 'K'

I watch, but I space out and I don't write this down. I'm mesmerized. We all stay silent and watch.

Board: Moves to "I"

We expect it to move to "D" to spell out "Kid" because of the question, but remember, we asked it its favourite sport before.

Board: Moves to "L" and stays there. It spelled out "Kil", but we interpreted it as "Kill" because we heard that spirits can misspell things.

I was the one in charge of making sure this didn't happen, but I was completely out. I completely forgot. Sam and Maria were blindfolded so they couldn't do anything and didn't know what the board was saying, and finally, my friend Mia looked at me, signalling for me to do something. I grabbed Maria's hand and whipped the planchette to 'Goodbye' and we all sprinted out of the room in a flick.

We left the planchette on 'Goodbye'.

We stayed in the living room on the second floor (the bedrooms are on the third floor) and we were all scared out of our minds. We felt violated. We stayed there for thirty minutes before Sam and I got a little curious. We wanted to see what happened to the board after talking to a supposed 'evil' spirit. We crept up the stairs and peeked inside of the room, and the planchette was sitting on 'H' instead of 'Goodbye', what we had initially left it on. We were freaked the hell out of.

After that, we called Sam's mom to come and get the board out of the room since we were too scared, then we ripped it into shreds and threw it in the recycling bin.

Does this mean anything?



  1. Some spirits just like to dick around with people. That is the better case. The worse case is that you had the pleasure of meeting a really nasty one. The best thing is to burn the board. But if it stopped, it was the first case. If didn`t, well, priest can help.

  2. You put the planchette ON goodbye, but you never said "Goodbye." You absolutely need to say "Goodbye" to the spirit so it can move the planchette TO goodbye. You left the board open, making the demon/spirit/whatever you were talking to, roam freely.

    I would suggest playing it again, yet you ripped it up. I'd say to get another board, make sure to contact whatever is in that house/room, and say goodbye. If it doesn't let you, and goes to 'no', have a POLITE conversation with it, and then say goodbye until it lets you. If you can, get a Priest. It's not highly recommended though if nothing horrible happens.

    Hope this helps! :)

  3. You should NOT have ripped the board apart, if anything, you could've provoked the spirit or worst, pretty much released the entity into your home.

    I strongly recommend that you find a priest or spiritual leader of your faith to bless the house, and make sure that no further activity is noted.



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