Thursday, May 28, 2015

Afraid The Ouija Might Be Real?

First time experience with George

It started out as a normal night. My four friends and I have just become high school seniors and lately we've been looking for trouble. Last night we went to Will's house. It was the first time we had had ever been there. His parents weren't home, so he walked up to the attic and came back with a Ouija board.

"I'm not touching that," Luke said.

"Afraid that it may be real?" I asked. He denied.

Will cleared his kitchen table, turned the lights off and lit six candles. I sat around the table with him and Kate. Sam and Luke stayed back, too afraid to play.

We all placed our fingers on the planchette and asked if anyone was there. Nothing, as expected.

"Get it going by spinning the planchette in circles," Luke suggested. So we did.

A few seconds later, we asked if anyone was there. The planchette moved to "yes".

"Are you guys doing that?" Luke asked from across the room.

We all responded no, but I still had a heavy feeling that Will was moving it.

Eventually, it spelt out the name "George". I was the only one really asking questions, so I asked if he was good or bad, in which he responded "good". I asked how long ago he lived and he said 100, leading us to believe that he lived around 1915.

"Is there anything you want to tell us?" I asked. The planchette moved to "yes" and proceeded to spell out "death". Without thinking, we all said goodbye and waited for the planchette to move to goodbye, which took a while. Eventually it did. All of us, now freaked out, decided to leave the house and go get McDonalds. While there, I was thinking of questions that could stump Will, just in case he was moving it. I thought of a good one.

When we got back, we opened it back up, but this time only Will and Sam played. I told Luke that I had a way to prove that Will wasn't moving the planchette. Will is bad at history, so I told Sam to ask "who was the president in 1915", an answer only Luke and I knew in the room. It took a while, but the planchette moved to "W". I glanced at Luke, who seemed astonished. Everyone asked who the president was.

"Woodrow Wilson," I responded.

"That doesn't mean anything," Luke said.

I told Sam to ask about the Vice President, again, only an answer Luke and I knew. The planchette moved to T.

"Well?" Will asked.

"Thomas Marshall," I responded with a smirk. I got a kick out of watching Luke's face.

We all decided that it was enough for the night, so Will and Sam said goodbye and we left his house.

I'm excited to play again and ask George more personal questions. Any advice? Questions I could ask? Has anyone had a similar experience? Is there anything we did wrong? We want to be as safe as possible.



  1. You did fine, I would just be wary of making shapes with the planchette, as sometimes bad spirits will take advantage of that and try to make certain symbols on the board that are not exactly good; this includes trying to push the planchette off the board. Also, if a spirit is saying something that you find scary or inappropriate, you don't have to wait for them to push the planchette to goodbye. You can push the planchette there yourself and close out the board.

    1. I heard that you weren't allowed to use the Oujia board inside houses because it attracts bad spirits.

    2. a ouija board does not attract "bad spirits", but the user's thoughts or fear of attracting a "bad spirit" will most likely attract one.

  2. It sounds like you did a good job! Some advice for protection is get some blessed OR sea salt and make a circle walking clockwise around the are you will be communicating in! Imagine yourselves in a protection bubble. DO NOT LEAVE THE BUBBLE NO MATTER WHAT! Then once you have finished your session, pretend to sweep away the salt and walk counter clockwise.

    I know the information sounds crazy, but this is something I personally do every time I have a session.

    Think Positively!



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