Sunday, May 31, 2015

How Do Some Ouija Boards Summon Evil While Others Do Not?

Hi i have a question not so much a story! How do some boards summon evil and others don't?

Is it the location your at or the fact you believe?



  1. The reason why I believe it works for some and doesn't for others is because there is only a limited number of demons in existence. They are very busy being corrupting mankind and also getting God's people to commit sin and then having Satan brag about their sin to God the Father. One man in the Bible had at least 2,000 demons possessing him with Jesus healing him in the end. that story is told in this sermon if you have time to listen/watch:

    That sermon goes into detail about demonic possession and how to spot demonic activity and such.

    The point I'm trying to make is that there are at least 1,999 people that tried a Ouija board to summon a demon, but got no response because they're in this guy making his life hell. They're not God and can't be everywhere at once. I still wouldn't recommend using one even if you don't get a response because using one and getting nothing is like leaving a message on their demonic answering machine to come by later when you're not expecting them.

    1. not so much; any form of the spirit world can be in a number of places at once. that's a sort of "ability" gained after exiting what we call physical reality.
      all planes and dimensions are right among the one we think is the physical.
      also, not all spirits contacted through a ouija are demons. moreover, not all demons are "evil". some describe themselves as "benevolent" and will give advice and information.
      the universe is infinite, and too vast to classify "good" and "evil". that's something humans have done.

    2. You are wrong. Dead wrong. There are NO benevolent demons. Look up the definition for demon! There are no ghosts, spirits, or anything "supernatural" that humans can communicate with. You need to read a Bible. You sound very liberal and hippy like. The same people who try to act like Satan was is benevolent. You need to wake up. People like you can believe that there was a "Big Bang" based solely on someone else's word, however for some reason you can't believe "let there be light" by God's word. They even have similar origins. From nothing came something. You need to pray for Jesus Christ and the holy spirit to come into your life heart and soul.

  2. Really good question. It is believed that the board is acting like a portal. So it really matters who is on the other side of the portal. Of course location plays the main role, if you`re using Ouija board in a house where someone died you can connect with him...but also may not. It had nothing to do with the board, I would say it is about the location and your emanation. You never know who is on the other side. If you really want to summon something evil and you believe you will it is quite possible that your "waves" would be caught by something nasty. Not sure if I`m helping.

  3. it's not so much the ouija board summoning "evil" as much as it is the operator.
    when you don't do things that will clearly repel an unwanted entity, then guess what, they'll come.
    think of it as a phone book. if you go about randomly dialing numbers, chances are, someone you call will cuss you out, end up being a murderer, or some other possible unwanted person to speak to on a phone.
    you have to apply "filters" so that "evil" cannot contact you.

    •ask for a specific spirit, your spirit guide, an angel, or generalize it to any spirit of the "highest and greatest good"
    •state three times that only entities of the highest and greatest good are allowed to contact you
    •say prayers before, and after using the board
    •use any item you feel offers "protection" (sage smudging, obsidian crystals, white candles, silver pendant on the board). the spirits contacted ARE ABLE TO "READ YOUR MIND", thus feed off of what you put out. negative thoughts = negative entities.

    it is a UNIVERSAL LAW that a spirit cannot enact on your free will, a PLANETARY LAW we are given on Earth. also, if you do contact one, DEMANDING the spirit to leave THREE TIMES will always work. spirit works in the number of three.



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